For the Comprehensive service plans, I hold a series of meetings and discussions with the students, and at least initially, the parents too. Each meeting corresponds with the next step in the process, and a set of instructions or guidelines to follow, articles to read or documents to complete. In this way, the process is simplified, and the student (and the family) is more in control and less likely to feel overwhelmed. I work with them through every step until the student matriculates at their chosen school, from high school course advising, to activities recommendations, to entrance testing planning, to selecting schools, to completing essays, applications and interviewing, to making a final choice. Families can also hire my services on an hourly basis for a variety of individual aspects of the process.

What I have found to be truly unique or rare in my field, is that my experience has been on both sides of the desk – having been a university admission officer, and a preparatory school admission director and university counsellor – and in both the U.S and Canada. Given that, I have intimate experience with a large range of selective institutions and the inside workings of their admission processes, as well as a wealth of insight into the needs of students. I also have a background and degree in student counselling which assists me greatly as I work to understand each individual student and their circumstances.

Having worked at two competitive independent, university preparatory schools in the past, I have learned to manage working with a larger number of students (as many as 66 Grade 12’s plus the Grade 11’s and 10’s) in any given year. However, although those school-based programs were ultimately successful, in my independent practice I will limit the number of clients I take on, in order to provide the utmost of personal attention and support and in greater detail than one can provide in a preparatory school setting (where one typically bears responsibility for a greater range of tasks, and where programs are often delivered in groups versus individually).

I work with students with a tremendous range of experiences, abilities, talents and interests. I have had great success in working with athletes seeking scholarships, from DI to DIII levels, all over the U.S., specifically, in soccer, women’s hockey, field hockey, baseball, track, tennis, softball, swimming, equestrian, volleyball, cheerleading and gymnastics.

This is probably the single most valuable part of the services I offer. After 20 years in this field, I have developed a wealth of knowledge of, as well as an instinct for, how the admission processes work, and of hundreds of colleges and universities specifically through visits to their campuses, research, and experience through former students and clients applying. Most importantly, I spend ample time getting to know and understand the student, so that I have a good sense of what kinds of environments, academic offerings and level of competitiveness, services, student climates, and other characteristics would be the best fit for the student. I feel this ability to match students and schools is my greatest strength, and I have been very successful in doing so…as my students’ successes attest.

In fact that is, for most of my clients, a part of the initial process of getting to know them and guiding them in the right direction. I have training in career counselling through my graduate school program, directly focussed on a later high school and university-level age group. I utilize some tools to help generate some information and “talking points” and then utilize my background and current knowledge to help illuminate the student’s  strongest potential career directions at this stage. This forms a jumping off point from which the student can then develop and continue to research while in university.

Although virtually all of my students have been successful, neither I, nor any consultant or counsellor, can make a guarantee of admission. A multitude of factors, many unpredictable, will play into this process, including the student’s own desire, persistence, and work ethic as things unfold. I also do not accept any fees or promises of admission offers from colleges or universities wishing to promote their programs, so my recommendations of schools are completely unbiased and objective and in the best interests of the student.

Ideally, I would want to see a student for the first time in their Grade 10 year (or prior if they wish to seek advice on course, activities, or summer enrichment planning or if they are a prospective student athlete or performing artist).  However, I will take on a student as late as fall of their Grade 12 year in specific circumstances and on a selective basis.

Absolutely, yes. Given the rising and high cost of an education in the U.S.(and in Canada too), many of my clients have some financial need, and in some cases it is significant. Often, I take this into account when helping the student to develop his/her list of schools, in order to increase chances of receiving college-offered merit scholarships. And I also  provide assistance in researching and applying for scholarships outside of those.

I provide information about my fees on the first consultation (which is up to 30 minutes, free of charge).