Tours and Presentations

One of the things that helps to inform consultants about the colleges and universities that they recommend to students, is making visits with admission offices and faculty, and touring campuses. Consultants often make these trips at their own expense; while at other times they are invited, in limited numbers, to group college-funded tours. This is an important way to keep up with ongoing changes and future plans of a college, understand the significant strengths and offerings of each, and develop a great sense of the student atmosphere, campus, and surrounding areas. In other words, it helps us to determine the best fit colleges for each of our individual clients.

From time to time, we also offer presentations - to the public or to private groups on request - to share some of what we know on a wide range of topics. These can include selecting schools, making applications, how to go about entrance tests,  and other topics. Click on a title below to read about tours and presentations of interest, and to register for any that are open to you.